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Holiday bonus in our apartments

27 September 2020

Il Bonus Italy Holidays is a contribution of up to 500 euros to be used for stays in hotels, residences, villages and bed and breakfast in Italy and you can use it to stay in our apartments.

You can also use your holiday bonus in our apartments and it can be used until 31 December 2021.

Households with ISEE up to 40.000 euros will be able to obtain the "Holiday Bonus".

To obtain it, a family member must have a SPID digital identity (request SPID here).

The holiday bonus is valid for 80% as a discount in the residence and, for 20%, it can be downloaded as a deduction, in the tax return.

Remember that the Holidays bonus can be used by only one member of the family and must be spent in a single solution, at a single structure.

The holiday bonus in our apartments in Liguria in Varazze: the Coccodrillo accepts holiday bonuses that can be spent until December 31, 2021.

We can't wait to see you relaxed on holiday, by the most beautiful and clearest sea, among the Ligurian villages to savor focaccia, pesto, fish from our sea and the best Ligurian cuisine scented with herbs and aromas of our green hinterland.

At this address you will find all the instructions to request the Holiday Bonus: io.italia.it/bonus-vacanze

Here is an example of using the Holiday Bonus:

TWO-ROOM APARTMENT type A, 4 people, 7 days (Immaculate Conception from 5th to 12th December):

cost of stay € 750,00 - holiday bonus discount (Euro 500,00 cuts) €350,00
TOTAL STAY EURO 87,50 per person (consumption and extras excluded).

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What do I have to do to use the holiday bonus at Coccodrillo of Varazze?

When you book the holiday it will be sufficient to communicate the will to use the bonus and we will send you the quote.
Once we arrive at the hotel, we will take the details of the holiday bonus code and will discount it at the time of the balance of the stay. If you like more information you can contact us directly: click here

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